Last month I purchased a refurbished 8GB second generation iPod Touch. Wow that is a mouthful. I'll take you through my decision and then provide my early impressions of the device.

First let's discuss the refurbished attribute. Buying a refurbished model offered a 25% discount at the Apple store. That is quite a few apps. Refurbished models come with a new battery, all original accessories (dock cable, new headphones, and dock adapter), instruction manual, and a 1 yr warranty.

I have over 40 gigabytes of music and audio books. That doesn't even include the storage required for all of the podcasts that I listen to every week or apps that I want to install. Upon first glance it might seem crazy for me to purchase an 8GB iPod. However, I found an incredible app that allows me to stream all of my media from my home server to my iPod. AirVideo) also transcodes incompatible video on the fly.

Moving on to the hardware, the screen is the perfect size. Fits well in my pocket yet us large enough to browse the web and watch video comfortably. Quick access to my email makes communication quite easy.

I have not had any issues with battery life. The device was still going after spending hours watching video. A word of caution, if you upgrade to iOS 4 you will see a drop in battery life and dramatic slow down with the iPod.

As far as the OS is concerned, it takes a while to adjust to the single tasking nature of iOS but it gets the job done. I am irritated that it takes forever to arrange the apps, fortunately this is only done once. The mail app and music app areā€ convenient and after browsing the app store I have no idea what I would else I need.

The keyboard takes a while to become accustomed with, but after a few hours typing speed increases and errors decrease. I even managed to type the rough draft of this article on the iPod.

Internet access in my pocket changes how I interact with my computer. The wordpress app allows management of this blog. In fact I typed this post completely on my iPod. Google designed an intuitive interface into gmail, google docs, Buzz, and reader. Digg, Facebook, and TweetDeck take care of my social needs. This only leaves a few things that require the use of my desktop; programming, webdesign, and intense writing.

I am completely satisfied with my purchase and see no signs of that changing. If anyone has suggestions of apps for me to try out post a comment.