My new mission is to rid the house of Windows.

As of yesterday we had three Windows 7 machines in the house. Today we are down to two. The first machine to leave Windows behind was the HTPC. I have been using my old laptop to stream videos - ripped dvd's and recorded tv episodes - from the home server. Windows was the first choice since it was already installed. It worked fine (read: videos would play after a few minutes of tweaking) for a few weeks. The time to begin watching increased exponentially. The final straw was reached yesterday.

We were trying to watch an episode of The Mole - best reality show I have ever watched - and found nothing but trouble. First the WiFi had difficulty connecting. Once that issue was resolved the laptop decided to output an unsupported resolution to the tv and refused to switch back to the laptop screen while the HDMI cable was connected. Finally, after hours of pain and suffering (first world problems), I grabbed my USB Ubuntu (Natty Narhwal) installer and replaced Windows 7.

Twenty minutes later I was enjoying pizza and The Mole. Needless to say, this was the catalyst for change in the Robinson household.

Transitioning will be difficult; my wife and I use programs and features only available with Windows.

My wife uses Microsoft Office to produce her monthly newsletters for work. Most likely I will teach her how to use VirtualBox for the few applications needed. This setup works for me, hopefully it will work for her as well.

I love playing pc games. The game landscape on Mac is improving and most of the games I play are released for both Windows and Mac. But I enjoy playing my games with EyeFinity which is only available on Windows. I also enjoy computer hardware and eliminating pc gaming means that I will not be able to convince my wife that I need a new graphics card.

By Christmas Windows will be relegated to VirtualBox and gaming duty. Unfortunately Windows will still remain in the house - at least it will not have to connect to the file server. I refuse to move exclusively console games and my wife is stuck using MS Office. Hopefully I can move her to a Mac with a Windows VirtualBox for the times she takes a break from Facebook and works on her newsletters and calendars.