This semester in operating systems we are working in teams to build, analyze, and improve a system. My group has chosen to work with link prediction and Hadoop. Tomorrow is the deadline for our proposal. I have embedded the video version below.

Now that you have seen the video I would like to explain some of the techniques I used to create it.

Since all three of us have a background in science and engineering we are familar with LaTeX. Beamer is an excellent class for creating slideshows with LaTeX. Beamer includes many different style templates and customization options. Best of all, it is open source so customization is guranteed. Of course, all of the plain text was edited with VIM and shared with gitlab

Apple's iLife was used to record, edit, and encode the audio as well as the video. This was my first time using either GarageBand or iMovie. Both programs were unexpectedly powerful, yet simple to use.

Overall, this was a plesant experience and I look forward to exploring some geekier options. (ffmpeg, s3, impress.js, ...).