Bring your own device (BYOD) is a business concept in which employees provide their own smart phone, tablet, computer, etc. It has become a popular trend in the past decade and introduces many new issues in IT.

The most important, and challenging, issue with BYOD is security. Since the company has no control over the device and the users will be accessing private data there is a large potential for loss. One method for combating this challenge is to require encryption and remote wiping capabilities.

BYOD has many benefits for both the company and the employees. The business can save money since they do not have to purchase the devices. The employees are happier since they get to use the devices that they choose. The employees also take better care of the technology since they have a greater sense of ownership.

BYOD also creates a market for management software. There are already many startups tackling this issue, but none provide a complete solution. It will be an interesting field to watch for the next decade.