How would you transport an empty wheelbarrow in a pickup truck?

If the answer does not contain the phrase “upside down” don’t hire him. He doesn’t know how to problem solve. And is that really someone who you would like to work on your home?

This morning on our way to work my wife and I were driving behind a pickup truck. The pickup was plastered with signage for a local contractor and had an empty wheelbarrow thrown in the bed. While we were making a left turn at 15 MPH we watched as the wheelbarrow went tumbling across the intersection. Fortunately no one was hurt. But it did bring up an interesting point: Shouldn’t a contractor know how to safetly transport tools of his trade?

One solution would have been to tie the wheelbarrow down. But a better solution would have been to turn the wheelbarrow upside down. This would have avoided any unwanted movement and required the same (if not less) effort than right side up.

This idea can be generalized to any profession and is something I look forward to investigating further.