Pokémon Exception Handling (n): Colloquialism for describing the intent or function of an exception handler which catches every type of exception

Pokémon Blue

Pokémon was a popular videogame, TV show, and card game during my childhood. The main goal was to catch, train, and battle 'pocket monsters'. The slogan is "Gotta Catch 'em All" because the main character, Ash, was on a mission to catch every single Pokémon in existence.

A common idiom in programming languages is throwing an exception when an error occurs and catching it at a different point. Best practice is to catch a limited subset of the exceptions to be explicit in handling the error. However, there is at least one point at which the brute force, catch every exception, is useful. At program exit catching every unhandled exception, logging the error, and producing a useful debug message improves the user friendliness of a program.

(Photo Courtesy of allycatastrophe)