1. The band is crucial.
2. Loose straps are more recognizable than taut straps.
3. Use small paint brushes; pencil erasers are insufficient.
4. Skip the small details, such as bows and lace.
5. Do not fill in the cups unless you want sunglasses.

Why? 1

  1. Last week we ran the third DCPH® and for one of the puzzles we built a carnival game, Snowball Toss. This puzzle was presented as a rebus painted with thermochromatic paint on a piece of plywood. When warm (above 85℉) both the background and the symbols are white. Teams threw water balloons to cool down the board, revealing the rebus in grey. The trickiest symbol to paint was “bras” which inspired this post.

I wonder if I can come up with a reasonable system for using OpenSCAD from my iPad.

I would probably need a text editor that does syntax highlighting and a remote system for rendering.

Today I decided to sit down and start experimenting with Workflow.app on my iPad. Working directly with the visual representation of the data flow is a refreshing hinge from having to visualize it myself and serialize those thoughts into text. But I sure do miss my Emacs keybindings.