I wonder if I can come up with a reasonable system for using OpenSCAD from my iPad.

I would probably need a text editor that does syntax highlighting and a remote system for rendering.

Today I decided to sit down and start experimenting with Workflow.app on my iPad. Working directly with the visual representation of the data flow is a refreshing hinge from having to visualize it myself and serialize those thoughts into text. But I sure do miss my Emacs keybindings.

I recently started a new job which requires more commuting on the metro and am therefore consuming audio faster than my current slate of podcast subscriptions can fulfill. When listening to Analog(ue) 116 Myke recommended The Adventure Zone, a podcast in which three brothers and their dad play Dungeons and Dragons. I downloaded the first campaign, Here There Be Gerblins before Analog(ue) was over. By the time I got home I had finished (listening at 2.7x speed of course). I was hooked. Over the next four weeks I watched my podcast backlog grow as I listened exclusively to The Adventure Zone, even starting again with my wife on flights and car rides.

The first story is now complete and the McElroys are now exploring other role playing systems and taking turns Dungeon Mastering while they search for the next overarching story. So far I am enjoying this phase of exploration and the meta story of how to structure a podcast about role playing even more than I did the Balance story.